UX research interviews rarely reach the whole team. Listening to whole recordings is slow, and any highlight clips often can't be easily searched.


I created an app that cuts interview debrief time and stores your quotes across all projects, participants, and team members for easy searching. This makes it easier to get to the best quotes, share with your team, and even have your team access quotes themselves.


I ran a number of user tests, online ads, met potential dev partners, and iterated on several product market fit strategies. Ultimately I have this project on pause. While I think it's valuable, I have concerns about market size. This was confirmed when I spoke with the founder of now defunct Cassette 2.0 who encouraged me to look for a larger total addressable market.


- UX & visual design
- Finding the idea
- Market strategy
- Branding & advertising
- Motion design

Organizing spoken word

Record, highlight an interesting quote, tag, rate, share and search. This complete flow in one app is what differentiates it from other apps for only transcribing, or only acting as a ux research repository.

Marketing Video

Created a UI driven YouTube ad after static ads on FB and Linkedin proved unsuccessful.

Recording flow

Live transcription, easy highlighting, and ability to add meta data to your quote for searching later.

Quote Editing - UI Detail

Highlighted quotes need context. Here you can add ratings and meta data that are the key to making large volumes of user quotes searchable across projects.

Market positioning

Sonar sits directly in between recording and transcription tools and insight management tools.

Why? Transcription tools sound useful, but still leave you with a pile of unstructured text. Insight management tools sound perfect but don’t have recording ability, leaving you having to upload all your content after the fact.

Clearly, for many teams this means your content never gets uploaded. Sonar bridges that gap by allowing you to record and highlight clips in real time, then immediately debrief, add ratings, tags, and description. This removes any barrier to making a robust repository of clips ready to share across your team.